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SLF-A Series
  The following main features make the machine one of the most popular laminator models in the markets, which includes,

- Accurate digital control of the coating amount, with patented independent digital control.

- Stability of the lamination pressures, with patented horizontal laminating nips.

- Precision sectional independent tension control systems, with dancing rollers.

- Better rewinding with settable rewinding tension to different diameters and tension tapers from the core to the max diameter.

- High production efficiency, etc.


l  Suitable for subjects: flexible packing and lamination companies.

l  Applicable scope: film/film, film/VM film, film/foil (limitation) etc.

l  Tension Control: Dancing Rollers, Load Cell.

l  Coating Unit Control Motor: Servo Motor.


                 Main Spec
Max Laminating Speed£¨mpm£©
Max Web Width£¨mm£©
1050¡¢1300 ¡¢1600
Max Unwinding Dia£¨mm£©
Max Rewinding Dia£¨mm£©
Drive for Coating Unit
Servo motors
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